Enjoy our new products in 2019

The more complex the world becomes, the more important the home and a harmonious life become.
Be it for Sunday brunch, afternoon coffee or dinner with friends and family –
we are going to make 2019 very special with our new products.

Manufacture Glow

Looking for something exceptional? Our Manufacture Glow collection boasts an artistic, hand-painted design on every single highlight product. Cover Seal is the magic formula: thanks to metal-free decorative paints, all items are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Coffee Passion Awake

Barista-style coffee experience. The new Coffee Passion Awake collection shows Villeroy & Boch’s coffee expertise as well as a lot of passion for latte art and more in timeless black and white. Stylish, cool and with a bold decor featuring a brushstroke look.

It's My Match

Mix & match: The new It’s my match collection offers countless possible combinations, and with that the most beautiful requirement for your very own style. The multifunctional products are the perfect choice for a small breakfast through to a large dinner. The design is also versatile: the modern on-trend colours of Powder, Green and White, relief structures inspired by nature, an exciting blend of materials consisting of glossy and matt surfaces and the special charm of perfect imperfection.

It's My Moment

A mug of me time, please! The new It’s my moment collection is just what you need to enjoy your very own moment of indulgence. Three different shapes and the on-trend colours of White and Almond provide the perfect favourite mugs for everyone and every drink. Conveniently, the matching plate in the on-trend colour Honey or in White is also large enough for a few delicious biscuits with coffee or tea. Another treat is the modern and subtle relief in the trendy embroidered look.

Lave Bleu & Lave Gris

Natural and unique. Tableware with a handmade look featuring organic lines and a subtle aesthetic. Every item in the Lave collection is truly unique thanks to a special glaze and looks just as beautiful when mixed and matched with other items as it does on its own. The hand-glazing process gives every piece different tones and textures – perfect for anyone who refuses to compromise on innovative design.


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Sitting together with all your family and friends at a large, beautifully decorated table, with vibrant tableware, colourful Easter eggs and a host of cute bunny figurines.

Artesano Flower Art

Grand appearance for imaginary flowers. The new Artesano Flower Art is the most beautiful way to combine a striking floral decor with the pared-down Artesano design. Modern clarity meets expressive floral motifs, rich flower colours meet a fine white. In turn, Artesano Flower Art is completely in vogue. An eye-catcher for all customers who love modern elegance as well as the colours of nature. Can be perfectly combined with the Artesano Original collection and is the ideal gift idea.

Flow Couture

A harmonious dialogue between shape and decor. Flow Couture is a completely new and fresh take on the successful and popular design of the Flow decor. The intricate, extremely delicate floral motif looks almost embroidered. Graceful yet visible. Combined with the flowing shapes, a new look and an unusual collection has been created whose highlight items also make perfect gifts. Modern yet traditional.

Colourful Spring

Spring is served. The new Colourful Spring collection features a lovingly designed decor inspired by nature. Dainty snowdrops and butterflies in the Colourful Life colours "Berry Fantasy", "Lemon Pie" and "Winter Sky" as well as the border colour "Green Apple" create the perfect link to the Colourful Life collection.


Artesano Hot and Cold Beverages is perfect for hot and cold drinks as the double-wall structure made from borosilicate glass ensures that beverages can be enjoyed at the perfect temperature. For instance, the new double-wall carafe with a ceramic lid is ideal for cold lemonade or hot tea. The matching glass straws can be used repeatedly. The purist collection can be perfectly combined with Artesano and many other collections.


For the best drinks and the most beautiful moments. The three new glasses are a perfect match for the best-selling Purismo glass collection, adding a stylish and relaxed touch to every on-trend drink. It makes no difference whether it’s a craft beer, margarita, champagne or the summer drink from the hippest cities in the world. Purismo is always the right choice and always looks good thanks to its modern and clear design. Developed with sommeliers.