Delicate, high-gloss porcelain

The secret of Modern Grace's ethereal lightness lies in a combination of material and shape. Very fine, high-gloss premium bone porcelain emphasises the items' fluid curves and defined lines. Emotion meets elegance in lifestyle crockery – designed with connoisseurs and aesthetes in mind.

Emotion flirting with design

Minimalist, pure and sophisticated – that's Modern Grace in a nutshell. This clear visual language is paired with an unusually diverse range of shapes: from strikingly geometric cups to gently curving plates and graceful oval bowls. These contrasts ignite an emotional spark, transforming modern white porcelain into exciting lifestyle crockery.

Perfect proportions

Modern Grace is inspired by the geometric furniture style of the 1930s and 1950s. The design is a convergence of dynamic and static: subtly flowing squares, ovals and circles come together with cylinders, which appear to rest inside them. The result is an exciting and perfectly proportioned diverse series of porcelain tableware, a modern look that radiates harmony and elegance.

Modern Line coffee spoon

Modern Grace Espresso cup

Modern Line knife

Modern Grace Flat plate 27x27cm

Modern Line cake knife

Modern Grace Salad plate 23x23cm

Modern Line cutlery set 30 pieces

Modern Grace Pickle dish/Individual bowl 19x12cm

Modern Line table dessert/starter spoon

Modern Line dessert/starter knife

Modern Grace Deep plate 24cm

Modern Grace Sushi plate 24x14cm