Timeless character features for the kitchen

Whether a single or double version, the classic butler sink will be a timeless and atmospheric feature in the kitchen. Perfectly equipped for the demands of today, it works in both a modern and country house style.

Functional design with an elegant touch

When an old friend changes their look, it can be surprising, even exciting. Then why not discard old patterns and try something new? Just like the well-known butler sink from Villeroy & Boch did, which went on to make an impressive style change. Whereas the motto so far had been “nostalgia meets function”, the ceramic character feature clearly demonstrates that it not only looks good in modern country kitchens. Featuring a clear and fuss-free design, the butler sink suits any modern kitchen thanks to its timeless shape.

Individual and on-trend

Whether smooth panels or with a distinct profile, whether in bold grey or soft cream – no matter what your modern kitchen looks like, the butler sink with its spacious basin and linear front is perfect for individual, trendy kitchens.

It either blends in beautifully with the overall appearance or adds an imposing touch. Contrary to a built-in sink, it gives the washing-up area a confident, eye-catching look.

Butler sinks in different forms

Wide selection of colours to suit every taste

The current butler sink is perfect for modern kitchen dimensions and offers all the functional features you would expect in a kitchen today. It is available with a single or double basin, whereby each version is so spacious that it is easy to wash up baking trays and to fill large pots in them. It also comes in a number of colour options: brilliant white gives it a very fresh, clean and modern look. The butler sink also comes in all current Villeroy & Boch ceramic colours so that you can set a striking contrast or create a harmonious colour setting, whatever suits your taste.

Our coloured butler sinks