Kitchen accessories from Villeroy & Boch

Quality for connoisseurs

Every chef knows that success in the kitchen starts with the right equipment. And high-quality, durable kitchen sink accessories – from strainers to cutting boards – are essential tools. Villeroy & Boch's kitchen accessories impress in everyday use with their premium craftsmanship and durability. Find the right kitchen sink accessory for your needs.

Never be short of space again!

Design meets functionality.

Our new Subway Style 60 S will be a very special feature in your kitchen: the trendy single basin features a narrow continuous ledge in the ceramic. In combination with various clever accessories, this makes it possible to work on different levels – from wiping and washing vegetables to rinsing cutlery and crockery.

The new Subway Style Shower tap provides the perfect match. 

Discover the Subway Style family and transform your kitchen into a welcoming haven in your home.

Draining Rack
Wooden cutting board
Hanging bowl

Step into the Villeroy & Boch kitchen world and find the perfect tool for every task.

Chopping board

Villeroy & Boch's high-quality cutting boards provide the perfect foundation for a wide variety of kitchen tasks.


Pop-up wastes

Pop-up wastes from Villeroy & Boch – practical water outlet fittings for your kitchen sink. Open and close with a simple action.

Strainer bowl

The easy-care strainer bowls for the sink are made from strong stainless steel and ideal for a wide range of kitchen tasks.


Metal basket

Multi-purpose: metal baskets for the kitchen sink from Villeroy & Boch.


Waste bowl

Clean up kitchen waste quickly and easily with  waste bowls for the kitchen sink from Villeroy & Boch.

Soap dispensers

The delicate look of the stainless steel soap dispensers coordinates with a wide range of kitchen taps and sinks in the range.

Roll-up rack

Villeroy & Boch's roll-up racks make ideal trivets and can also be placed over the kitchen sink for draining crockery.

Hanging bowl

These practical hanging trays easily fit in the kitchen sink. Suddenly, peeling vegetables is no longer a chore!

Waste outlet cover

The durable stainless steel waste outlet covers fit in all Villeroy & Boch kitchen sinks. To clean, simply place the trap covers the dishwasher.

Steam bowl

Steam bowls allow gentle cooking of delicate dishes. You can use the steam bowls directly in select kitchen sinks or in the wire baskets.

Top sellers

You'll find everything you need for your kitchen among our popular sets and products.



Take advantage of intelligent and excellent design.


Cutting, filleting and more

A staple in every kitchen: Villeroy & Boch's practical cutting boards are durable and easy to clean. They can be used as chopping boards, carving boards or even as a serving tray on the table. Whether fruit for snacks, herbs for a tasty soup or chopping and filleting tasks for exceptional meat dishes: the right cutting board is an indispensable kitchen accessory that will make light work of all kinds of tasks in the kitchen.


Practical operation

The pop-up waste allows you to open and close the water outlet on your kitchen sink with one simple movement.


Faster and easier removal of waste

Our practical waste bowls save repeated trips to the bin. The bowls are compatible with various coordinating kitchen sinks. Simply slide food waste straight from the cutting board into the waste bowl.


Washing vegetables made easy

Even fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden need to be washed before you start preparing them. Villeroy & Boch's practical integrated strainer bowls are the perfect kitchen sink accessories. Simply rinse your healthy harvest inside the strainer bowl and let it drain directly into the sink.

Why Villeroy & Boch?

Villeroy & Boch stands for quality. The company's kitchen accessories combine innovation with top craftsmanship and design.

High-quality materials

Top quality starts with premium materials. In the kitchen, stainless steel and ceramics not only need to look shiny, they also have to be durable and stand up to everyday kitchen use. 

A practical pleasure

The sink is the central hub of all kitchen tasks.  Villeroy & Boch kitchen accessories coordinate perfectly with our sinks: functionality with a dash of style.

Intelligent details

Villeroy & Boch kitchen accessories stand out with their clever design. Accessories such as waste bowls or strainer bowls can be combined with perfect precision.


Well-informed: you can find answers to frequently asked questions about our kitchen accessories here.

Where can I find replacement parts?

You can order replacement parts directly from your Villeroy & Boch kitchen studio. They will forward your enquiry to ensure you receive your kitchen accessory replacement parts quickly. If you have any questions about the process, please contact our customer service.

What needs to be considered when taking care of the accessories?

You can find the most important care instructions for your kitchen accessories and the materials used here.

How do I fill the soap dispenser?

Filling our soap dispensers with washing-up liquid is very easy: simply lift the pump unit up out of the soap container and fill the container with your favourite kitchen soap.

What do the surfaces of the pop-up waste look like?

The surfaces of our pop-up wastes are available in different shapes and colours. You can select square or round versions to suit your personal taste and kitchen sink design. The pop-up wastes are available in either matt or gloss versions to match your kitchen taps.

Care instructions

Care ensures Villeroy & Boch kitchen accessories will give you lasting pleasure. Our care tips:

Cleaning and care of chopping boards

If your cutting board becomes dirty, you can rinse it with clean water. To remove any remaining residue, all you will generally need is a sponge and common kitchen soap. A damp, but not wet, sponge is ideal. To tackle stubborn soiling, simply use a dash of vinegar, as chemical cleaning products may damage the wood of the chopping board. Do not leave the chopping board immersed in water or allow it to remain wet for long periods of time. Place your cutting board in a suitable location with the wet side facing down to allow excess water to drain. Our cutting boards are treated with a cooking oil to repel water and dirt. To maintain this protection, we recommend repeating this treatment regularly. A standard cooking oil is all you need for this.