Our Customers are justified in expecting high quality and a high level of product safety for their products of Villeroy & Boch AG.

In order to be able to meet all these requirements, we test our products according to the valid legal regulations.

On this subject you find here the Declaration of Compliance for our porcelain assortment in according with the german "Bedarfsgegenständeverordnung" and for our plastic articles which are intended to be in contact with foodstuff, according to regulation (EU) 10/2011.

In case of further questions our Customer Care Center will be pleased to help you with any problems!



Algo Blue

Algo Maroon

Althea Nova

Amarah Aquamarin

Amarah Date Flower

Amarah Red Sun

Amarah Reed

Amarah Taupe

Amarah Terra


Amazonia Anmut

Amazonia Gifts

Animal Friends


Anmut Flowers

Anmut Gold

Anmut Platinum No. 1

Anmut Platinum No. 2

Anmut Rosewood

Anmut Samarah

Annual Christmas Edition

Annual Easter Edition


Artesano Atlantic Blue

Artesano Flower Art

Artesano Hot Beverages

Artesano Meadow Date Flower

Artesano Meadow Red Sun

Artesano Meadow River

Artesano Montagne

Artesano Nature Beige

Artesano Nature Bleu

Artesano Nature Vert

Artesano Pacific Green

Artesano Professionale

Artesano Provençal Lavendel

Artesano Provençal Lavendel Baking

Artesano Provençal Verdure

Artesano Provençal Verdure Baking

Artesano Provençal Verdure Gifts

Artesano Red Sea

Audun Chasse

Audun Fleur

Audun Ferme

Audun Promenade


Basic White

Basket Garden

BBQ Passion


Blossom Hotel

Bunny Family

Bunny Tales

Caffè Club

Caffè Club Fiori

Caffe Club Floral Touch

Caffè Club Floral Touch of Hazel

Caffè Club Floral Touch of Ivy

Caffè Club Floral Touch of Rose

Caffè Club Floral Touch of Smoke

Caffè Club Uni Oak

Caffè Club Uni Pearl

Casale Blu

Casale Blu Alda

Casale Blu Bella

Casale Blu Carla

Casale Blu Dorina



Charm & Breakfast Design Naif

Charm & Breakfast French Garden

Château Septfontaines

Chewy around the world

Chewy's Treasure Hunt

Christmas Toys

Cities of the World

Classic Buffet plate

Classic Gifts white

Clever Baking

Clever Cooking

Clever Cooking Blue

Clever Cooking Green

Clever Cooking Pink

Coffee Passion

Coffee Passion Awake

Coffee To Go

Colorful Life Berry Fantasy

Colorful Life Cosy Grey

Colourful Life Deep Red

Colorful Life Green Apple

Colorful Life Lemon Pie

Colorful Life Natural Cotton

Colourful Life Stripes

Colorful Life Winter Sky

Colourful Spring

Color Loop

Color Loop Horizon

Color Loop Natural

Color Loop Rose

Col.Loop Sand

Color Loop Stone

Cooking Elements

Copper Glow



Crafted Breeze

Crafted Denim

Design Naif

Design Naif Christmas

Design Naif Gifts


Dune Desert & Sun


Farmhouse Touch


Flow Couture

Flower Meadow

For me

French Garden Antibes

French Garden Baking

French Garden Beaulieu

French Garden Fleurence

French Garden Green Line

French Garden Macon

French Garden Modern Fruits

French Garden Orange

French Garden Valence

French Garden Vienne

Golden Lines

Golden Oasis

Golden Oasis Gifts

Gray Pearl

Happy as a Bear

Home Elements

Hungry as a Bear

Indigo Caro

it's my home

it's my match

it's my match green

it's my match mineral

it's my match powder

it’s my moment


Jade Caro

La Classica Contura

La Classica Contura Gifts

La Classica Nuova

La Scala

La Scala Patina

Lave beige

Lave bleu

Lave glace

Lave gris

Lily in Magicland


Made in Luxembourg

Magic Shape of Water

Magic Shape of Water Gifts

Magie des Fleurs



Manufacture Collier blanc

Manufacture Collier noir

Manufacture Collier terre

Manufacture Glow

Manufacture gris

Manufacture Rock

Manufacture Rock blanc

Manufacture Rock Desert

Manufacture Rock Glow

Manufacture rouge


Mariefleur Basic

Mariefleur Basic Baking

Mariefleur Gifts

Mariefleur Gris Basic

Mariefleur Gris Basic Baking

Mariefleur Gris Gifts

Mariefleur Gris Serve + Salad

Mariefleur Serve + Salad

Mariefleur Tea


MetroChic blanc

MetroChic blanc Gifts

MetroChic Gifts


Modern Grace

Modern Grace Grey

Montana 2


Montauk Beachside


NEO White

Neufchâtel care

New Basic White

New Cottage Basic

New Cottage Special Serve + Salad

New Fresh Basic

New Fresh Collection



NewWave Caffè

NewWave Caffé Bee eater

NewWave Caffé Conure

NewWave Caffé Flamingo

NewWave Caffé Kingfisher

NewWave Caffé Deep Green Hairstreak

NewWave Caffé Orange Washed Sulphur

NewWave Caffé Clownfish

NewWave Caffé Surgeon Fish

NewWave Caffé Triggerfish

NewWave Stars

NewWave Stone

Organic Taupe

Organic Turquoise

Out of Home

Pasta Passion


Petite Fleur

Pizza Passion

Platinum Lace

Quinsai Garden

Quinsai Garden Gifts

Rosé Caro

Rose Cottage

Rose Sauvage

Rose Sauvage blanche

Rose Sauvage framboise

Rose Sauvage héritage

Rosewood Glow



Samarah Gifts


Samarkand Accessoires

Samarkand Aquamarin

Samarkand Aquamarin Gifts

Samarkand Mandarin

Samarkand Mandarin Gifts

Samarkand Mosaic

Samarkand Rubin

Samarkand Rubin Gifts


Sedona Function

Serving Elements

Soup Passion

Spring Awakening

Spring Fantasy

Stella Hotel

Stella Vogue

Stone Ware Brown

Stone Ware White

Table Accessories

Tea Birds White

Tea Passion

Tea Passion Medina

The Rock Black Shale

The Rock White Glacier

To Go

To Go Indigo

To Go Jade

To Go Rosé

Toy's Delight

Toy’s Delight Royal Classic

Toy's Fantasy

Twist Alea Caro

Twist Alea Limone

Twist Alea Verde

Twist White


Urban Nature


Vieux Luxembourg

Vieux Luxembourg Brindille

Voice Basic

White Lace

White Pearl

White Pearl Gold


Winter Bakery Decoration

Winter Bakery Delight