• 8 egg whites (size M)
• 200g fine sugar
• 200g sugar powder
• Pink or red food colouring paste
• 30g cornflour
• 1 pinch of baking powder

Meringue hearts


1. Separate the eggs and beat the egg white together with the baking powder in a dish until it is light and fluffy. Slowly add the sugar. Mix the food colouring in to colour the meringue mass. Now beat the egg white until the mass is firm and shiny.

2. Mix the sugar powder with the cornflour and sieve the powder over the beaten egg whites before folding it in with a dough scraper.

3. To get the meringue into the desired heart shape, fill the mass into a piping bag with a round spout attachment. Start in the middle of the heart curve. First draw the left curve and the half down to the tip at the bottom. Then start at the top again and do the right heart curve. Finally, fill in the heart and break off the piping bag in the middle.

4. Dry the meringues in the preheated oven (convection) at 100°C for approx. half an hour, depending on their size. Leave the oven door open just a gap with the help of a wooden spoon so that the moisture can escape. The meringues are ready when they have hardened and now only have to cool off.