AquaZero urinals from Villeroy & Boch

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Aquazero urinal from Villeroy & Boch

The AquaZero urinal from Villeroy & Boch is a waterless urinal. It doesn’t need an inlet nor rinsing liquid and can be used without having to touch it. The AquaZero urinal was developed specifically for highly frequented areas, such as toilets in hotels and restaurants, where high hygiene standards apply and water consumption needs to be kept as low as possible. But private bathrooms can also benefit from the innovative waterless and non-chemical urinal – as a personal luxury, an efficient water-saving solution and a contribution to protecting the environment and climate.

The AquaZero urinal – hygienic, economical, progressive

The AquaZero urinal is available in a number of different colours and models, just like other exclusive sanitary ware from Villeroy & Boch. It is made from high-quality, durable sanitary ceramic, which can be refined with the CeramicPlus coating. Developed by Villeroy & Boch, this coating technology creates a lotus effect on the ceramic so that liquid rolls off immediately, taking small particles of dust and other dirt with it. Moreover, there are no cracks or joints where dirt or germs can settle.

All this ensures that the AquaZero urinal not only meets the highest hygiene standards, but is also very low maintenance and easy to clean. Adieu to time-consuming cleaning, expensive special cleaners and aggressive chemicals. Not only highly frequented sanitary facilities will make enormous cost savings and contribute to protecting the environment and climate. Treated with CeramicPlus technology, the surface is also resistant to impact, scratches and shocks, ensuring that its excellent hygienic properties, smoothness and shine can be enjoyed for many years to come.

This is how much water and energy you save with a waterless urinal

Every AquaZero urinal that replaces a standard urinal in high-frequent facilities, e.g. in companies, sports and educational establishments, restaurants or public offices, can save about 50,000 litres of water per year. The savings on the water bill alone will quickly amortise your investment. But a dry urinal also saves energy, not just water: several hundred kilowatt hours per year, which would otherwise have been used for transporting the water and processing the waste water. Resulting in significantly less CO2emissions.

Moreover, it significantly reduces water pollution as no waste water is produced and no strong acidic or surfactant cleaners are needed to clean the urinal. Toilet rim blocks, which are often used in standard water urinals and constantly release pollutants into the waste water, are also a thing of the past with the AquaZero urinal. Instead, it uses a combination of special surface and siphon technology that prevents unpleasant odours from developing.

And last but not least, you will also save on production and maintenance costs. Fewer parts need to be made for the waterless urinal than for versions with siphonic, flushing and operating devices. As the owner, you will not need any additional water pipes nor a sophisticated flushing mechanism to keep it in good condition. The only maintenance you will have to carry out consists of changing the siphon, which has to be replaced and disposed of from time to time as solid particles in urine accumulate there. But you will only have to replace it after it has been used many thousands of times. And the Villeroy & Boch AquaZero urinal makes it very easy for you as it does not need to be removed from the wall.

How does the AquaZero urinal work?

Conventional urinals use up to three litres of water with every flush, in many cases even more. By comparison, waterless urinals such as the AquaZero from Villeroy & Boch do not need any water at all. There is no flushing device and no other operational elements that the user would have to touch or activate via a no-touch sensor. This is not only much more ecological and economical, but also beneficial from a hygienic point of view. The urine flows from the smooth, refined ceramic surface into a special odour trap (siphon), which also filters solid particles out of the liquid. This special siphon is the key part of the dry urinal as it ensures that no odours can escape into the room.

How is the AquaZero different to other waterless urinals?

Many dry urinals have a siphon with a sealing liquid, such as a biodegradable fatty alcohol, for odour protection. The disadvantage of this system is that a small amount of sealing liquid accompanies the urine each time. In turn the fluid level has to be checked and the shortage topped up regularly.

By contrast, the AquaZero urinal odour trap relies solely on membrane technology. The advantage here is that there is no need to buy, check and refill any sealing liquid. This reduces the time and effort needed to service and care for the system even more – without compromising on hygiene, functionality and freshness.

AquaZero urinal – installation

The AquaZero urinal is significantly easier to install compared to a standard urinal with a flush because an inlet is not required. Therefore, it is not necessary to lay a separate cold water pipe nor to attach an angle valve with a stop cock. All you need is a drain opening in the solid wall or dry-brick installation where you plan on fitting the urinal. The urinal outlet is attached to it to connect it to the building's drainage system.

The AquaZero urinal is secured to the wall with two screws. The urinal comes with a fastening set for the subsequent concealed attachment as well as with installation instructions. It can also be mounted onto standard installation systems, such as a Villeroy & Boch urinal installation frame. You can decide on its height beforehand – geared to the height/average height of the intended users.