Urinals from Villeroy & Boch

Practical and stylish.

A urinal by Villeroy & Boch: function & perfect design

A Urinal by Villeroy & Boch will enrich your bathroom with its innovative equipment and its minimalist design. The individual product lines are coordinated with the bathroom collections by Villeroy & Boch and fit harmoniously into your bathroom. You select your preferred model from a series of attractive designs and colour variations and opt for a technology that meets your needs. Elements such as a covered drain, well thought out accessories or clever management give your chosen model the highest functionality. If you want to install high-quality urinals in companies or public spaces, the collections by Villeroy & Boch also offer you hygienic, environmentally friendly solutions.

The clear lines and perfectly formed designs of the urinals are the Villeroy & Boch trademark. They originate from exacting bathroom collections that are coordinated with one another down to the smallest detail. Classy bathroom furniture, with optional lighting, reflects your preferred style and, with the ceramic sanitary ware, forms a harmonious bathroom concept. Tips and inspiration for your dream bathroom as well as planning tools for your creative bathroom design at Villeroy & Boch facilitates you in the planning of your personal wellness oasis.

The unique innovations of the Villeroy & Boch urinals

By choosing a urinal from Villeroy & Boch, you benefit from the combination of decades of experience and the latest results from research and development. You therefore enjoy the advantages of the perfect synergy of functionality, design and technology. An overview of the urinal innovations follows.

The smart management of your urinal by app

Selected urinals by Villeroy & Boch can be combined with ProDetect 2 management by request. This smart technology opens up the possibility of individually setting the flush quantity and the water saving mode, among other things. The integrated sensor detection also provides an automatic flush after each use. This form of urinal management works with an integrated Bluetooth interface. The ProDetect 2 app enables you to conveniently manage your urinal via smartphone, tablet or PC. In addition, you will benefit from the wireless maintenance via app that saves you from having to remove the urinal for maintenance purposes.

For the highest hygiene standards, the AntiBac technology by Villeroy & Boch

Bacteria spread quickly in the damp environment of a bathroom. However, it is precisely in the bathroom where hygiene is of particular importance. With AntiBac, Villeroy & Boch presents a hygienic solution in the form of a unique surface technology. Its antibacterial effect is based on silver ions in the glaze. They have been dermatologically tested and verifiably confirmed by the renowned, independent BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute. AntiBac is harmless to health and effectively keeps the growth of bacteria and germs at bay by more than 99.9%.

This innovation in sanitary hygiene also provides long-term protection, since the silver ions are directly integrated into the surface. Since AntiBac consists of microparticles, it is also harmless to the environment and health. AntiBac is also suitable for baths, which demand the highest standards when it comes to hygiene. This innovation can also be used for Villeroy & Boch toilets.

For economical use of water: the one-litre extractor for urinals

If you prefer water flushing urinals, a siphonic urinal by Villeroy & Boch is your first choice. This urinal is based on a vacuum in the siphon that conveys the waste water into the waste water pipe. Water is a valuable resource that needs to be handled consciously. Villeroy & Boch is therefore making a further valuable contribution to water flushing urinals with its one-litre extractor. it reduces water usage to one litre per flush, and is thus significantly below the usual flush quantity of two to three litres.

To avoid water usage: the AquaZero siphon technology

Do you want to avoid water usage altogether while meeting the highest hygiene standards? Waterless urinals with the AquaZero siphon technology are suitable for both high-traffic and private areas. Thanks to their intelligent siphon technology, AquaZero urinals work without flushing any water. Waterless urinals meet the highest standards with regard to hygiene and cost savings while also being kind on the environment because they conserve water. Another advantage of these hygienic, environmentally friendly models is their odour-free environment.

ViChange: The patented siphon cartridge

ViChange makes laborious maintenance work a thing of the past. This patented siphon cartridge is easy to install and is impressively cost efficient. It can be replaced without any tools and is done in 30 seconds. This means that the urinal does not need to be dismantled.

CeramicPlus: a finish for easy cleaning

CeramicPlus finishes ceramic surfaces with a dirt-repellent coating, thus re-defining hygiene standards. Liquids bead off of this coating and dirt and limescale have no chance to take hold. CeramicPlus surfaces can be cleaned in an instant and form the basis for cleanliness and hygiene.

Easy cleaning of your Villeroy & Boch urinal while being kind to the environment

The high-quality ceramic sanitary ware by Villeroy & Boch is characterised by smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. These are virtually scratch-resistant as well as being immune to acids and lye which are used in households. The urinal has been designed in such a way that daily cleaning only requires a damp cloth and clear water or mild all-purpose cleaner. Even fats, limescale and soap residues are easily removed with everyday household vinegar and without damage to the environment.

For cleaning ceramic surfaces, a soft kitchen sponge or a microfibre cloth is perfect. Scouring or aggressive cleaners are not required for ceramic surfaces and are unnecessarily hard on the environment. When it comes to hygiene, if you want to be on the safe side, urinals with lids, dirt-repellant CeramicPlus and antibacterial AntiBac surface technology are an excellent choice.

Urinals with lids - added hygiene: depending on the selected model, you have a choice of shapely Villeroy & Boch lids as an extra option. Urinals with lids look discrete and elegant. The lid perfects the overall look. The integrated SoftClosing technology enables the lid to be dropped softly and noiselessly.