Compact toilet seat from Villeroy & Boch

Comfort, function and quality

The Compact toilet seats from Villeroy & Boch perfectly complement the Compact washdown toilets. The toilet seat boasts first-class comfort, technical details and an austere design. The subtle lines beautifully blend in with the modern world of bathrooms. The high-quality material guarantees excellent hygiene and the clever technology makes it incredibly easy to fit. Let your bathroom shine in pure White or trendy Pergamon.

Villeroy & Boch toilet seats are made from high-quality Duroplast. The stainless steel hinges have a stylish cover. Both materials boast a smooth and dirt-resistant surface. Other advantages of the toilet seats include durability and easy cleaning. If you are planning on buying a Compact toilet seat for your Villeroy & Boch Compact toilet or replacing your old Compact toilet seat, then there is no need to check the fit. But you will have to check the dimensions of the toilet bowl if the toilet is from a different manufacturer in order to ensure a correct fit. The toilet shape of the washdown toilet is crucial in making sure that the toilet seat closes properly. You can deduce the right size of your new toilet seat by measuring the width of the bowl and the distance of the front toilet rim to the mounting holes. If the measurements are roughly the same, then the toilet seat is perfect. You should also measure the distance between hinges to attach it properly.

The Compact toilet seat from Villeroy & Boch adds the perfect finishing touch to the Compact washdown toilet. The subtle wrap-over design blends in harmoniously with the aesthetics of a stylish bathroom. The long-lasting shine of the surface complements the elegant line of the toilet seat. Practical features are hidden from all eyes. It is full of comfort for sophisticated requirements. The seat ring makes sitting very pleasant. Noise-absorbing buffers and SoftClosing, the soft closing mechanism, have been integrated to close the toilet lid softly and silently. This protects the material and no one can accidentally get their fingers caught

Never use force to close a toilet lid that has SoftClosing. This will damage the soft closing mechanism. Compact toilet seats are break-proof up to 240 kg. This is much higher than the norm for standard toilet seats, which can usually only withstand up to 175 kg. The quick and easy installation ensures the greatest efficiency. The innovative mechanism ensures the toilet seat is installed securely in place and the perfect cover conceals the mounting screws. The Villeroy & Boch Compact toilet seat has a 10-year guarantee according to the warranty terms.

The progressive QuickRelease technology allows quick and easy cleaning of the Villeroy & Boch toilet seat. Simply remove the seat from the bowl in a jiffy and then reattach it after cleaning. This makes it easier to clean the toilet rim and areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. Only use mild or neutral soap solutions to clean the Compact toilet seat. The use of chlorinated, abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents may lead to material damage or surface rust. Do not leave the toilet seat and hinges damp. Dry with a soft cloth. Do not allow the seat, lid or hinges to come into contact with toilet cleaners. Leave the lid and toilet seat up until the cleaning agent has been completely flushed away.