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ViFresh from Villeroy & Boch

Discover a simple and aesthetic way to keep your toilet fragrantly fresh and hygienic. ViFresh is Villeroy & Boch's integrated freshness solution, consisting of an innovative rim-block compartment integrated inconspicuously in the ceramic behind the toilet seat. Simply open the cover, insert a standard fragranced rim-block/toilet gel and replace the cover. Then enjoy the pleasantly fresh fragrance that fills your bathroom after each flush.

ViFresh is very hygienic

ViFresh represents the perfect hygiene solution for your toilet as the compartment is located directly in the water inlet outside the toilet bowl. Advantages in comparison with conventional fragrance holders. There is no need to touch unhygienic areas such as the inside of the toilet bowl or rim when refilling products. In addition, each time you flush, the water distributes a controlled quantity of product evenly over the entire bowl. A perfect solution for a clean and fresh effect in your toilet.

Toilets with ViFresh for your freshness

ViFresh, rim block compartment

Find out more about the fresh benefits of ViFresh.

  • ViFresh releases a fresh fragrance and cleaning action with each flush.

  • The compartment can be filled easily and hygienically without having to touch the toilet bowl.

  • ViFresh is compatible with conventional rim blocks and toilet gels.

  • A consistent quantity of product is released each time

  • Excellent flush effect guaranteed

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ViFresh is very easy to use

ViFresh's very easily accessible design allows fast filling and cleaning. The product container can be removed easily for refilling and simply rinsed in running water.

Ensuring no accumulated residue and a perfect flush result. Very practical: The perfectly dimensioned rim block/toilet gel compartment ensures a controlled release of product each time.

ViFresh, rim block compartment integrated directly in the ceramic

Our champion for perfect hygiene

The rimless DirectFlush toilet is the perfect hygiene solution from Villeroy & Boch: thanks to ViFresh and the innovative CeramicPlus and AntiBac surfaces, the hygiene champion is hygienic, antibacterial and easy to clean, ensuring that you are always on the safe side in your bathroom.

Find out more about the hygiene champion

ViFresh is an ideal solution for rimless toilets.

ViFresh's design and function are ideally tailored to rimless toilets. In contrast to conventional fragrance holders, the product is added before the water arrives in the bowl. This ensures even distribution throughout the entire bowl. The flush flow is not impeded by any suspended holder, maintaining the excellent flush performance of rimless toilets.

Find out more about DirectFlush

AntiBac, Subway 2.0 DirectFlush

German Design Award Special 2017

ViFresh boasts excellent design and functions

ViFresh will impress you in your bathroom with its perfect combination of clever functionalities and excellent design just like it did an international jury of experts who awarded it the German Design Award – Special Mention 2017.

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