Ceramics from master craftsmen

For around 270 years, Villeroy & Boch has been shaping the face of bathroom ceramics like no other company. With the development of TitanCeram, the experts in Mettlach have now achieved another milestone in our ceramic research which will have a decisive influence on the bathroom of the future.

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A new take on ceramics. Villeroy & Boch's answer to the question of future materials is to fuse selected natural raw materials such as feldspar, quartz and clay to create the innovative TitanCeram.

The future starts now: A completely new kind of ceramic material, which has all of the properties of high-quality ceramics and yet is unusually strong, therefore enabling impressively delicate forms.


TitanCeram from Villeroy & Boch


TitanCeram lends great stability to even the most delicate forms with extra thin walls and clearly defined edges. Ceramic experts use state-of-the-art technologies and their extensive experience to craft this novel material into precise and delicate masterpieces. With TitanCeram, Villeroy & Boch is once again setting new standards in contemporary bathroom design.

Perfectly formed

Unlimited forms TitanCeram's innovative material properties are now allowing the product designers to explore their full creative scope. This novel material is opening up new horizons, enabling Villeroy & Boch to transform delicate forms into pioneering design highlights of premium quality. A first impressive example is the multiple award winning Octagon premium washbasin: a masterpiece of precision.

Designer Kai Steffan, Octagon

"TitanCeram allows the production of sanitary ware products in an extremely precise design, with extra thin walls and clearly defined edges."

— Designer Kai Steffan, talking about the "secret" behind Octagon.

Octagon from Villeroy & Boch

Step by step to a design highlight

From idea to masterpiece: production experts transform our designers' plans into works of ceramic art. We have drawn on our many years of experience and great passion to continuously develop and perfect our production processes. Accompany us on Octagon's path

Octagon, In-house production

In-house production

The ceramic material is produced in our own plant and passes through several quality checks, The grinding, mixing and filtering processes are monitored strictly to ensure that the base material meets our high quality standards.

Octagon, Thorough preparation

Thorough preparation

The Octagon, our unique design highlight, is cast by experienced employees in an entirely manual process and its ceramic form created with painstaking care.

Octagon, Precise forms

Precise forms

We pay great attention to detail. Each edge and line is perfectly finished and crafted into a unique form: the octagon, a symbol of integrity and perfection. We apply the finishing touches to the Octagon manually, turning it into a masterpiece of precision.

Octagon, Stylishly finished

Stylishly finished

As well as form, an appealing feel and perfect appearance also play an important role. We use a special glaze to give the Octagon a sensual feel and an elegant design. 

Octagon, Creation of a washbasin

Creation of a washbasin

The correct heat plays a vital role in ceramic production. Each of our products goes through the process of heating, firing and cooling. At up to 1200 °C, glazed blanks are transformed into finished products.
Each step is perfectly aligned to avoid any stress in the ceramic.

Octagon, Highest quality standards

Highest quality standards

Octagon's novel design combines delicate forms with excellent stability. To guarantee consistently high quality, our ceramic products go through up to 25 different test procedures, monitoring factors including strength and stability.

Octagon from Villeroy & Boch