Sebastian Conran

Industrial designer, engineer and furniture designer.

Design talent flows through Sebastian Conran's veins: he is the son of the famed London furniture designer, interior decorator and restaurant owner Terence Conran and has followed in his father's footsteps. Born in 1956 in London, he had an early fascination with the working process used to produce everyday objects. Not only was he interested in how something was manufactured, sold and used, but also how it was created and designed. His favourite subjects at school, Maths, Chemistry and Physics, mean that he was only a short step away from studying Industrial Design and Engineering at university. Sebastian Conran has designed everything, from an album cover for the Sex Pistols to luxury goods, kitchen appliances, furniture and other objects. He was the Head of Design at his father's company, the Conran Design Group, until he decided to move beyond designing the interiors of shops and restaurants. In 1986, he founded his own design studio, which merged with the Conran Group to become Conran & Partners in 1999. He monitored the development processes as Director for Graphic and Product Design. His own label, Universal Expert, was launched in 2009 and enjoys international renown. Today, Conran also teaches furniture design at the Royal College of Art in London. Conran's team includes more than 100 employees responsible for product and graphic design, interior design and architecture.

Sebastian Conran
Aveo new generation

The collections

Villeroy & Boch has been successfully working with the Conran & Partners design studio for more than a decade. During that time, he discovered that the egg symbolising birth and life could be used as an element when designing bathroom furniture. This was such a trailblazing innovation, many other designers attempted to copy this element in the period that followed.

Achieving the very highest quality is his first commandment. Stylistically speaking, Conran and his premium brands prefer to focus on the minimalist design of the nineteen twenties but with a contemporary twist and a unique character. The Conran team likes to use traditional materials such as wood, porcelain, ceramics, glass and stainless steel. The colours of the designs are neutral, as Conran designs are intended to integrate harmoniously into their customers’ homes.


As early as 2003, the Conran & Partners international design studio developed a luxurious bathroom collection, the most obvious feature of which was that each of the bathroom elements incorporated the form of a soft oval. Baths, wash basins, bidets and toilets all incorporated this unmistakeable form. The egg serves as a symbol for the creation of life but also as a protective shell. The bathroom as a place of shelter, a place to feel well, unwind - the place where wellness begins.

Based on the existing models, Sebastian Conran and his team then went on to design the Aveo new generation Collection for Villeroy & Boch. It remained true to Conran's motto that everything man has ever made can be improved. The egg-shape and the clarity of form were also retained for this new collection. The high-quality design creates a feeling of lightness and freshness, a unique feeling of well-being. Only the finest materials such as real wood and ceramics are used, which radiate a natural feeling of shelter. This simple purity is what characterises the private wellness oases of today.

Aveo new generation
iF Product Design Award 2003

iF Product Design Award 2003

The British designer Sebastian Conran loves being involved in all aspects of design from A to Z and enabling his team to benefit from his experience. This approach has brought him considerable success: much of his work has won prizes for design and innovation, and he has also taken out numerous patents. Immediately following the launch of Aveo in 2003 for Villeroy & Boch, the bath won the iF Product Design Award. The award was introduced in 1954 and is viewed as the "Design Oscar". Each year, more than 2000 products from 37 countries take part in this competition. By selecting it as the winner, the jury of experts acknowledged that the structure of Conran's innovative bath is one of a kind.

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