Memento 2.0

Space for character

Enjoy the puristic lightness of Memento 2.0. Minimalist and striking. The modern premium bathroom collection is made of our high-quality TitanCeram ceramic. Precise contours and low wall thicknesses lend the unmistakable design of the Memento a thoroughly delicate appeal. Always stylish - a bathroom that creates space for character(s).

Space for character(s)

The powerful yet slender aesthetic of Memento 2.0 is expressed in every detail.

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Consistently linear

The new washbasins made of TitanCeram appear extremely slender. They make an equally exclusive and contemporary statement with their thin walls and precise edges. Not only do they shine with refined design, but also with a CeramicPlus surface in the classic ceramic colours White Alpin, Star White and Glossy Black as well as a TitanGlaze surface in the matte colours Stone White, Ebony and Graphite.

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A trendy matte look for an urban style

Room design with matte colours is right on trend. The new matte tones Stone White, Ebony and Graphite lend the collection of washbasins, toilet and bidet a modern, urban look.

Stone White

The collection in fine Stone White appears fresh and almost weightless. 
The pure matte white of the TitanGlaze brings the linear design to life in unique style.

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A matte black, dark like the night, with a mysterious aura. A timelessly elegant colour for our TitanGlaze
that accentuates the bold form of the ceramics and at the same
time makes other colours in the bathroom radiant.

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In the Concrete look, the Memento 2.0 surface-mounted washbasins become extraordinary eye-catchers.
Combined with warm colours and materials,
this gives rise to an exciting contrast in the bathroom -
classic, inviting and wonderfully homely.
Each surface-mounted washbasin in the Concrete look is made individually
- making it an exclusive, unique piece.

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Toilet and bidet - two real design objects

Minimalist and striking

The rectangular toilet and the bidet pick up the striking linearity of the washbasins and are themselves transformed into puristic design objects in the bathroom. Thanks to the innovative DirectFlush and AquaReduct technology, the toilet provides the perfect flushing experience in this special form too.

Design your Memento 2.0 bathroom to your dimensions now in the bathroom planner

Plan your dream bathroom step by step now with our online bathroom planner. Insert the Memento 2.0 washbasins into the floorplan for your bathroom and let the clear design language work its magic in the 3D view.

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