Bathroom taps from Villeroy & Boch

Aesthetic perfection.

Showcase your sense of beauty

Whether for baths, showers, sinks or bidets ‒ the perfect bathroom taps enable you to create your own design highlights. Do you love clear-cut straight lines or do you prefer a more classic design? Villeroy & Boch's collections offer you a wide selection of high-quality taps and fittings.

Taps and fittings with finesse

Taking a walk in warm summer rain, you feel the water caress your skin and soul. Why not experience this feeling every day as you stand below the water sprinkling from your shower? The various collections also offer sink mixers, shower heads and entire shower tap fittings. Villeroy & Boch has the right product for every need. Our taps and fittings help to create a luxurious sense of well-being with that special finesse.

Soothing temperatures

Which colour taps and fittings best suit your bathroom ceramic – chrome, matte white or champagne? Whatever you decide, select a temperature that makes you feel good and enjoy the water flowing from the beautifully shaped taps and fittings.